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I feel generous with all of you nice people that are following me. I have a stock of albums ‘ à croire que c’était pour la vie’ here at home. What am I going to do with them? Well, today I thought I should be giving them away to you. All I need from you is a mail giving me a good reason to send it to you. Iwill just ask you to pay for the post. I think that is fair enough, don’t you think?....

Write to me on:
and give me that good reason why I should send it to you and I will.

‘A croire que c’était pour la vie ‘ by Henry Padovani, featuring Sting, Stewart Copeland , Glen Matlock, Steve Hunter, Chris Musto and many friends.

Love and Rock


ps: I know that we all download music on internet but, trust me, an album with a sleeve, pictures, lyrics, credits,etc... is much better. Especially when it s also free!

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