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Hello everyone, i guess you have seen that i am working on all the myspace, blogs and internet tools that we have at disposal to build ourselves into a family. I do appreciate all the feedback i get.

Obviously, you have been reacting pretty well to the teaser video of the movie lionel guedj and I are working on. Rock and roll..of corse. This is cool and i knew you would like that. That is why i posted it. It is all about sharing, isn't it.

All of you like the title!!! that is great , too.

Until that movie is finished, which i reckon will be around july or august, i am wondering what i should organise to put on the web.


I am thinking of organising a podcast that would consist of readings of my book. I have most of it in french. So, that should be easy.

As far as english goes, i have some chapters about the police and the flying padovanis. A while ago, i did translate quite a big part of it, until i moved on to something else.

So what do you think? Would you like that?

And then, i was thinking also of publishing the whole book, in french and what i have done so far in english. I need to think about that. How many do i create etc etc.. i am not a specialist. If any of you is a blog, podcast or website wizard, i would love to hear from you.

and last but not least, i was thinking of putting on the net, i guess on another sort of blog or podcast, some of the songs that you guys are always looking for, like waithing for the marines ( electric chairs) or va plus haut ( flying padovanis), things like that, and possibly some of the demos i have been working on for the movie..some of those are quite something.

I ll keep you posted and give me suggestions and ideas.

I like that.

Love and rock



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Aysen 03/04/2009 00:27

I think a video podcast of you reading chapters from your book (in French and in English) would be really cool.

I'm also looking forward to hearing some of your new stuff!

Aysen x