the pretty things and the key of A

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Yesterday, i went to see the pretty things in paris, playing at the trabendo. Nice club, i do like that place. Anyway, when we arrived, my freind lionel and i, it was packed and the the revillions were playing. I did miss the first band the carpet sellers, with baldo.

The first person i saw by the stage was little bob. As he was already in the backstage area, i asked him to find mark, the pretty things manager or someone to get me in , so that i could go and say hello to the pretties. He got me in and i ended in their dressing room. The pretty things are like a family to me. In fact, they do operate as a family. They all nice people and phil may, the singer puts you always at ease. After we all exchanged hugs and gossips, they just said that since i was there, i should come join and with them! Great! Sure, i ll do it. Little bob was also invited.

  • what song?

  • Bring it back to jerome, said dick taylor, the guitar player.

  • Which key? How does it go?

  • Don't worry. It is in A.

  • is that it? Just A?

  • Yeah , just A, except when it changes!!!

Loved it!! what an answer!

Franck the other guitar player told me to use his telecaster. Nice white one.

He told that he would be playing harmonica, so it should be fine for sound. Already plugged in, all i had to do was to pick it up, crank the volume, and that was it.

So, later on in the show i joined them. Bring it to jerome was a sort of a fast blues.. and yes in was in A, except when it changed!!!

they were pretty tight and phil may would signal the changes, and signal to me when to do a few solos.. we were jamming.

It was great and they asked me to joined them again for the encore, for a sort of bo diddley jam in F#. strange key but it worked out really well.

A lovely evening with friends and family.

Nice chats in the dressing room, sipping beer and wine , afterwards..

Phil may told me that it was big jim sullivan and not jimmy page who played guitar in you really got me. Until i was told it was jimmy, i never thought it was another guy than dave davies that did it. But there you go, in those days thee would be session players for the studio sessions. And if a band couldn't cut it, they would call those guys in. And jimmy was the most know, but so was big jim sullivan.

Phil may has tons of stories like that.

Dick taylor, the professor, too.

You want to talk to him about the rolling stones, when he was in the band and before brian jones got in, before he left.

I am definitely looking forward to see those guys again. Another family.

Nice to have this one, thinking about you.

We talked about putting some shows together, phil, dick and I, just playing acoustic bues.

That sounds just about right for me.

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