Rock and roll... of corse!

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Rock and roll... of corse! is the title of the movie that french film director Lionel Guedj shot over the last year and a half.

Very interesting. This is how the story behing this goes... Someone offered my book ' secret policeman' for christmas. He liked it and he liked the story. So he organised to meet me. And he did. I remember, when we met , in a bar , in Paris, outside Bastille, on the other side... i was with my girlfriend Aylin and he turned up. He was cool and when he asked me if I was interested ., I said: Yes. Go for it.!

And , here we are, nearly 2 years later, with tons of footage.

What was interesting is that at the time, i was wondering whether I would play some gigs solo or not. And I did! And he filmed it all.

Then , paul, chris and I met a few times and wondered whther we should put the flying padovanis back on the road. In the end, we did. And he was there, and he filmed it all!!!

Then, of course, the police decided to reform and go on the road. What a scene! When they asked me whether i would want to join them on stage at the stade de france, for 2 sold out gigs, in front of 160,000 people and i said 'sure , i will', he was there. Not when i answerd the phone, but when i rehearsed and when on stage. How many cameras?? 11, I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serious!

He was everywhere!! all day long, all afternoon, backstage, at the VIP club after the show, he was everywhere.

When we went to london support the police in hyde park, do you think he was there? Of course, he was!! and he saw them all, and he chatted with them all, whether it was the bangles, mick jones, jean jacques burnel or jeff beck, he was there, with me, filming..more tape!!!

and when the flying padovanis went to Japan, to the fuji rock festival, to play 3 concerts, do you think he was there? No, can't.. Of course, he was!!!He was there as well.

I do not know whether the movie will be good.. ( trust me , it will be a killer) but one thing is for sure, I saw more of him in the last 2 years than of my kids and of my girlfriend.

So is life.

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Lionel 24/03/2009 16:37

You'll have to corrupt me Aylin...

Aylin 24/03/2009 14:06

I would love to see the Japanese trip....

Cindy 24/03/2009 12:58

Glad to see you have a blog Henry!

And I'm dumbfounded by how busy you have been! I for one, would love to see the film... and try not to count your wrinkles since last I saw you!